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Team X YNFL Flag Football Addendum



Football Sizes

Junior (Blue):  Rookie
Intermediate (Brown): Junior 11u , 14u, Senior Elite 17u

Number of Downs per each first down

            Four downs: Rookie with first down at mid field

            3 downs to score 1st down at mid field:  11u and up

The “No Run Zones” will be enforced for all age brackets

Possession of Ball

Start of Game: Visiting Team first on the schedule w/ white jerseys
Half Time: Home Team (second on the schedule) w/ dark color jerseys.   (Junior and up) Blitzer marker is set 7 yards from scrimmage.  Quarterbacks cannot run when being rushed by a player.  7 seconds to pass in effect.  Center cannot receive the first hand off.

                          Must wear cleats (soccer or baseball acceptable), no metal spikes
                          Mouth Guard worn at all times.

Shorts or pants must a different color than flags  

Pockets must be taped

Must use NFL balls supplied with equipment or by the League no others permitted

Flag belts should be taped to ensure a proper fit, no outside flags may be used all league supplied flags must be used.

No Overtime in regular games

Games are played on a 50 minute continuous clock with two twenty-minute halves. The clock stops only for timeouts (1) 60 second TIMEOUT PER HALF   Half time is 1 minutes long.

Running with ball carrier

Players must stop once the ball is being advanced.  This applies to both the offense and the defense if an interception has occurred.  If a player runs alongside the ball carrier and the referee determines that runners are impeding the opposing team from pulling the flag, a spot foul is called.  This penalty occurs at the discretion of the referee if it is determined that running with the ball carrier has impeded the opposing team from pulling the flag.

28Pt Mercy Rule

will be mandatory for Rookie and Junior .  Senior groups may opt out of the mercy rule.  Occurs when a score reaches a 28-point differential. The following mercy rule guidelines go into effect and will remain in effect until the score does not exceed 14 points

1)     Winning team must stop blitzing

2)     Winning team will only field four players on defense

3)     Losing team is given one extra down on both sides of the mid field line.

4)     Interceptions are not advanced. The intercepting team takes offensive possession at the point of the interception

5)     Winning team must replace their starting QB



Teams needs to report to the referee 5 minutes before the start of game for inspection of required equipment. (Before National Anthem).   Touchdown is where the offensive player’s feet are not the ball.  Coaches are allowed on the field for any age brackets.  However, coaches should move to the sidelines before the ball is snapped.                  


Dead Ball/Safety

When the ball carrier touches the ground with his or her hand, arm, or knee the ball is dead. 

No Safety will be awarded when ball is snapped over the QB. If A ball is handed off and fumbled in the Endzone a safety will be awarded.

If a ball is intercepted in the endzone and a flag is pulled before leaving the endzone it will be a touchback.

Note: Still No pitch to runners.   Shuffle passes (of any type) are allowed. (Must pass line of scrimmage)


Pick6 interceptions = 6pts no PAT Interceptions no intentional downing to gain extra points. If done unsportsmanlike conduct will be accessed to spot and no point will be awarded if a score is completed.
Interceptions the ball will result ball spotted at point of flag pull, PAT 1Pt pass only from the 5-yard line, 2pts run or pass from the 12-yard line   


* Senior may opt of the Mercy Ruling



TeamX Sports will maintain a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for FLAGRANT UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT PENALTIES. Flagrant penalties fall under two categories: FLAGRANT VERBAL UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT PENALITIES AND FLAGRANT PHYSICAL UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT PENALITES. Suspensions maybe given for unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Suspensions may also be give for being unsportsmanlike when teams are in mercy rule and call timeout to try to continue to score. If a coach attempts this the Coach and the team can be suspended and it is up to the discression of the Sports director. Any suspension for this would result in forfeit of the current game and forfeit of the following game that is being suspended for

FLAGRANT VERBAL UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT PENALITIES (FLAGRANT VUCP) are defined as: “trash talking, taunting, demeaning/disparaging/disrespectful comments directed towards referees, players, opposing coaches and spectators, excessive argumentativeness towards referees, vulgarity, yelling at opposing coaches, players, referees, or opposing spectators.” All FLAGRANT VERBAL UCP’s are up to the sole discretion of referees and site supervisors.

FLAGRANT PHYSICAL UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT PENALITIES (FLAGRANT PUCP) are defined as: “Excessive physical contact or pushing or shoving players.” All FLAGRANT PHYSICAL UCP’s are up to the sole discretion of referees and site supervisors.