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Welcome to TeamX Sports

The TeamX Difference

TeamX Sports is an organization committed to serving the family. We recognize that parents want their children to have fun, be safe, learn the game, develop friendships and grow in character through their sports experience. With these core values in mind, the following characterize what family's can expect in any TeamX Sports program

Family Values

We respect family and desire to be sensitive to the heavy sports demands placed on families in our culture. Therefore, you can expect the following in any TeamX Sports program:      
  1.  No Sunday Games so we can protect family time
  2. Games are limited to once a week and will not exceed one hour in duration·      
  3. Practices during game season are limited to once a week·      
  4. Pairing players together for car pooling is a priority to ease the travel burdens on parents·      
  5. Character  (see Character Traits below) Participating in organized sports is arguably the best vehicle to teach character. Through Character Based Coaching, it is the desire of TeamX Sports to ensure that coaches “teach, identify and celebrate” character so that the values taught at home are reinforced during the game.

Putting Fun back in Sports

Intense competition and the win-at-all-cost mindset are pervasive in America. Youth Sports in our view should be about having fun, learning the game, building friendships and developing strong character that will transcend the game and contribute to success in more important areas of life. With TeamX Spports:

  1. Everyone plays an equal amount of time, without exception to player ability or score. (The number one reason kids stop playing sports is because they stop having fun)
  2. Choose of playing with your friends. 65% of kids say they play organize sports to be with their friends. Accommodating friend requests is an important core value for TeamX Sports. As kids play in team environments, important bonds of friendship occur providing social connectedness to be enjoyed over the critical years of youth development.

Character is more important than the win

When a coach cares more about winning, focus too often tends to be directed at referees or opposing coaches instead of on the players being coached. TeamX categorically rejects the short term near-sighted "win-at-all cost" mindset pervading youth sports in America. Instead, focusing on the development of character not only eliminates the tension in sports, but ironically results in better athletic performance while providing skills and character qualities that will transcend the game to success in life. 

What are the character traits that can be developed through sports?

Hard Work

Servant hood




Provide High Quality Coaches

 TeamX Sports cares more about coaches who are drawn to coaching out of a desire to make a difference in the lives of kids. We are always looking for good quality men and women who will embrace the high calling of coaching. As a result we want to do the following with our coaches:

  1. Provide Certified Coaches through Background Checks.
  2. Keep your child safe by provide concussion awareness and training to detect concussion symptoms
  3. Encourage coaches to focus more on character and fun instead of the "win at all cost" mentality that tends to pervade the sports culture in America.

Where Does the "X" come from in TeamX Sports?

The X in TeamX has multiple meanings. We want our programs to be full of Xcitement. And we want to provide Xcellence. But a third symbolization for the letter X is the association with Christ. Did you know that X comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Χριστός, translated as "Christ". (This is where the abbreviation Xmas comes from)

So what does Christ have to do with TeamX Sports? As our supreme role model, we will strive for excellence by providing the highest standards of Christian service - from organization, to communication, to game day participation, Christ is the X factor in TeamX Sports.