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Being involved in youth sports is one of the greatest ways to enrich your own life while making a lasting and transformative impact on kids. Please consider getting involved in one or more of the areas listed below. The more hands-on positive role models the greatest the potential for lasting impact.  We look forward to supporting you in any of the areas of opportunity listed. 

Head Coach - (HC)

The HC Is the leader of the team. He or she plays an active role in helping kids learn the fundamentals of the game. By practicing one day a week at a place and time of your choosing, the HC  will teach kids how to throw, catch, run routes, and design basic plays for offense and instruction on playing defense. In addition the HC is knowledgeable on YNFL Flag Rules and teaches these rules to his or her players. 

The HC is also the primary person in charge of communicating with parents. This involves emailing the parents the practice and game schedule through the Blue Sombrero Discussion Board. A HC may elect to have a Team Mom take responsibility for parent communication.

The time commitment:
1. One practice a week for no more than two hours. Once the season starts you may choose to hold your practices for 45 minutes to an hour prior to your games.
2. One game a week for one hour on Saturday morning possibility of Double headers.
3. One email communication per week using the Blue Sombrero Discussion board where you communicate your practice and game schedule information to parents

To be a Head Coach in a TeamX league a coach must care more about the welfare and enjoyment of the player than the quest to win at all costs. At all times a coach must exemplify good character and demonstrate positive role modeling for everyone in the program. 
Assistant Coach (AC)- The primary role of the AC is supporting the head coach by teaching and reinforcing the fundamentals of the game as described above. An AC may also take responsibilities for leading one side of the ball - either offense or defense. An AC  may be asked to cover for the head coach in times of his or her absence, assist in substitutions,  help run practice and generally support and reinforce what the head coach is trying to accomplish with his or her team. 

Team Manager - supports the head coach by providing support and organizational tasks for kids and their families. May include email, text and phone communications with families, helping to arrange practices, assists with substitutions etc. so the coach can concentrate his or her efforts on coaching the players during practices and games. 
Mentor - Any adult affiliated with the team who wants to make a positive difference in the lives of kids. May hold inspirational meetings, share encouragement, or simply be a positive role model helping kids to face the challenges and learn the life lessons that come from sports participation.  

Referee - referees the games. Works in coordination with head and assistant coaches to recognize and celebrate character in action

Field Monitors - supports referees by calling out of bounds plays; serves in a support role with league organizers to maintain TeamX Standards

Site Manager: Someone who desires to manage an entire program. Sees the value of how TeamX Sports programs can change the lives of kids, families and communities and wants to take on a leadership role in offering a popular program such as YNFL in a different area. Should be a proven successful coach prior to taking on the role of a Site Manager