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Jul, 2014

Children and Athletic Development

Speed is the name of the game. If you talk to any coach, almost all of them will say that speed is the key factor that separates the pretenders from the contenders. Skill is important but skill along with speed will take you to another level.

Often I have parents who ask me if their twelve year old is too young to begin training and the answer is absolutely not. If anything, they should have been training as soon as they get involved in sports. In the American model of sports performance, most kids are launched into sports immediately without any training. In the eastern countries, most of their programs begin with physical conditioning. They recognize and value the importance of building strength, speed, and the fundamental skills that are required for elite performance. When your country is as large as one of the states in the US, you better make sure your athletes are well prepared.

We have athletes as young as 5 years old  See Jason's six year old train participating in our speed and agility clinics. These athletes aren’t only learning some great skills, they are learning the importance of preparation. I often see athletes who are used to “having fun.” When they are told they have to train, they look at it as punishment. Training and preparation should be valued and seen as an asset that will allow the athlete to maximize their performance.

When looking for a program, parents should look at the following:

  • Coach’s background and track record.
  • Structure and high expectations in a rewarding environment
  • Emphasis on basic skills that teach running mechanics, postural/core body strength, and discipline
  • Dynamic environment that allows athletes to get maximum repetitions while having a great time learning

It is never too early to learn and maximize your potential. Get into good habits and work on the basics. If you start early, you will help your child learn great habits and develop discipline. Ultimately, discipline and mastery of basic skills will lead to a successful experience in sports and life.

To learn more about FASST Performance and how to get involved in our sports performance programs, contact us at[email protected]

Best in Performance,

Coach Brader

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